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What is there really to say about myself? I'm definitely not as hardcore of a collector in terms of spending, as there are a lot of people around here that spend hundreds (even thousands) of dollars on their production art, while I think the most I've ever spent was something like $80.

I will say that I think my collecting over the years has illustrated my path through maturity, both in terms of the pieces I've bought and my own mental awakening. In the beginning I took basically anything I could get, and I was so excited about having a gallery at all that many of the pages here are filled with squealing fangirl garbage. Once the honeymoon wore off, I was able to get more focused and specific about my tastes, and with time found I wanted my pages to be more professional than giggly. I've periodically thinned the collection and revamped the site, and at this point I think if I met my old self on the street and made the mistake of talking about cels I'd either find an excuse to leave or punch her in the face.

But, I digress. My collection has gotten some amazing pieces over the years, and it's not entirely through my own efforts. There have been many, many times when I've had some truly unbelievable donations made to this site, sometimes by people I didn't even know but who wanted to see my collection grow.

Thank you to everyone that's ever sent me art, donated so that I could buy a piece I was pining for, helped me talk through whether or not to make a purchase, or was just plain kind to me when I was going through my collecting adolescence. This place wouldn't be anything remotely similar to what it is now if it hadn't been for all of you guys. You're the best, and I hope you know it.

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