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12/31/2021Once again waiting until the last minute to update so I can continue my weird trend of only adding in odd years... I have no idea why I still do this. Anyway, over yesterday and today I have added: 5 Sonic comic pages, 4 Sonic cels, 4 Sonic layouts, 1 Ranma cel, and 2 autographs (though one really has been here a while and is just now visible, and also in GBNF). See you again in 2023!
11/20/2019Part 3 of my updating spree has concluded, with today's focus on Sonic comic pages. There are definitely some goodies in there, including some that were made for the encyclopedia.
11/16/2019Phase 2 of catching up complete! Today I added cels, most of which are actually SatAM stock art if you can believe it.
11/15/2019My grand tradition of updating only on odd-numbered years continues, and this time around I have three waves of updates to do. Today's update is all autographs, both from TFS and from others -- some very high-profile others, too!

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Title Last Updated
Sonic - Advertising 12/30/2021
Sonic - AoStH - Heroes 12/30/2021
Sonic - AoStH - Misc 2/27/2015
Sonic - AoStH - Preproduction 6/6/2008
Sonic - AoStH - Villains 2/27/2015
Sonic - Archie Comic Pages 12/30/2021
Sonic - SatAM - Preproduction 12/31/2015
Sonic - SatAM - Production 11/16/2019
Sonic - SatAM - Stock Art 11/16/2019
Sonic - Sonic X 3/2/2015
Sonic - SU - Preproduction 3/12/2015
Sonic - SU - Production 12/31/2021
Sonic - The WTF Club 6/10/2011
Autographs - Others 11/15/2019
Autographs - Team Four Star 12/30/2021
Backgrounds 2/27/2015
Detective Conan - Conan 1/10/2009
Detective Conan - Family 10/16/2006
Detective Conan - Friends 7/19/2006
Detective Conan - Groups 3/4/2007
Dragon Ball Z 1/10/2009
Naruto 10/27/2008
Other Series 2/26/2015
Ranma 1/2 12/30/2021
Yu Yu Hakusho 6/4/2013
z_Flimby's 6/11/2011
z_Gone But Not Forgotten 11/15/2019

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