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6/4/2013Added more cels that've been waiting for a long time. I think the most noteworthy ones are one that has both Mario and Sonic in it, and one of Robotnik naked. ... I'm sorry.
5/16/2013So after being stagnant for almost 2 years, I finally uploaded new items to my gallery today (well, yesterday, since it's after midnight). I've been collecting new items here and there the whole time, I just never got around to adding anything until now. Specifically, I uploaded several Archie comic pages, as well as a really stunning and enigmatic Sonic Underground cel board that I can only imagine was used for the initial pitch for the show. If you look at no other item that I added, go check that one out. It's very intriguing.
8/18/2011I never did note back in June when I was revamping my gallery. I've added a shitton of Sonic art and rearranged a lot of exhibits, both then and currently. I still have some Sonic art to add. Hopefully the gallery will officially reopen soon when I think of a new name and get a new banner.
1/10/2009Added 2 new DBZs, 2 new Conans (FINALLY got some new Conan cels, sheesh), and a new Sonic. Additionally, two of my items have won Beta Awards! You'll find these winners in the DBZ and Sonic & Tails sections! Thanks to all that voted for me!

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Title Last Updated
~The Holy Grail~ (3) 7/19/2006
Flimby's (38) 6/11/2011
Going, Going... Gone! (32) 9/20/2007
Backgrounds (10) 8/17/2011
Detective Conan - Conan (16) 1/10/2009
Detective Conan - Groups (12) 3/4/2007
Detective Conan - JDL (6) 7/19/2006
Detective Conan - Misc (12) 10/16/2006
Detective Conan - Rachel (6) 2/25/2006
Detective Conan - Richard (7) 8/15/2006
Dragon Ball Z (9) 1/10/2009
Naruto (6) 10/27/2008
Other Series (14) 6/11/2011
Ranma 1/2 (9) 6/11/2011
Sonic - AoStH - Bible (27) 6/6/2008
Sonic - AoStH - Heroes (44) 8/17/2011
Sonic - AoStH - Misc (7) 8/17/2011
Sonic - AoStH - Villains (20) 6/4/2013
Sonic - Archie Comic Pages (8) 5/15/2013
Sonic - Promotional Cels (2) 6/4/2013
Sonic - SatAM (11) 6/11/2011
Sonic - Sonic Underground (50) 5/15/2013
Sonic - Sonic X (29) 6/4/2013
Sonic - The WTF Club (10) 6/10/2011
Yu Yu Hakusho (11) 6/4/2013

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