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Tails' Twisted Fetishes
Source: TV
Layers: 3
No sketches available
Cel Number: B7, B19, I2
Standard size

No Background

Added 6/12/2007
This is probably the most fucked up WTF combination I've seen so far, lol. With them both being in a weird costume, I couldn't not relate this to Tails' raging homosexuality. (Come on, I know I piss off a lot of Tails fans with this, but have you ever SEEN AoSTH? That's the gayest Sonic series in existance.) Click here for the detailed look at Tails, here for the detailed look at Sonic, and here for the detailed look at Sonic's paint pallette.

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Curator: Leedzie
Gallery Created: 7/26/2005
Hits: 44461

Presentation 8.58/10   Collection 8.60/10   Overall 8.67/10   Votes 29 votes
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