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Page 5 - Sonic, part 3
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Added 6/5/2008
Aaand here we have a glimpse at a discrepency between what they planned and what we got. As I read over all of this, I noticed that AoSTH seemed to be something of a crossbreed of SatAM and StC, with a Road Runner them (as they repeatedly point out in later pages). On this page, you can see the nuance of Tails riding in Sonic's backpack, wereas in the actual series he doesn't even HAVE a backpack. That's exclusive to SatAM.

This page also has the first obvious indication that this series most directly follows Sonic 2 more than any other game. I think the only time another game is referenced is directly in the series; in one episode, Ball Hog and Roller (both from Sonic 1) have throw-away roles, and in another, Robotnik has a pinball fortress that I'm sure is supposed to be a nod toward Sonic Spinball.

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