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Page 13 - Dr. Robotnik, part 2
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Added 6/6/2008
Considering that Sonic's "Up, over, and gone" line was missing from his bio, I'm pleased that Robotnik's "I hate that hedgehog" is here.

In any case, this page has a detail that REALLY surprises me: there was originally a freaking roboticizer in AoSTH. Again, I know that Sonic mentioned that this series was originally a prequel to SatAM, which makes it make more sense, but STILL. A robotizer in AoSTH is just fucked up, even if they call it the Robomatic instead. The Robomatic itself still ended up in the show, but it just made robots from whatever spare parts you dumped in, not out of living beings.

Fun fact: In the SatAM Bible, the roboticizer was originally called the "Veg-O" machine (which I know was a term used in some old draft of Sonic 1, but I can't quite remember it). Later, in Sonic Spinball -- a game with many homages -- Robotnik's lair was called the Veg-O Fortress, and the third level was basically a giant roboticizer. X3 That game also had cameos by Scratch and most of the SatAM cast.

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