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Page 14 - Scratch, part 1
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Added 6/6/2008
Updated 6/6/2008
I can't help but notice that on this page, and this page only, "Search" became "Seek" in the SSSSS title. I tend to notice all the wrong things.

This page is great because it finally solidifies the debate as to whether or not Scratch actually IS inspired by Cluck from Sonic 2. I was always on the fence, myself; I mean, I've already mentioned on a previous page that AoSTH very pointedly aligns with Sonic 2, but at the same time, Scratch and Cluck don't really look alike outside of both being chickens. Plus, y'know, the name. But I suppose Scratch needed a different name, since Cluck was already Robotnik's pet in SatAM. With this originally meant to be a prequel, it'd be hard to explain how "Cluck" went through such a huge change in the later series. X3 EXTREME MAKEOVER: ROBOCOCK EDITION.

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