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Page 19 - Coconuts
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Added 6/6/2008
FIRST AND FOREMOST, I'm infuriated that Coconuts only has one page. He's the ONLY char that only has one page, too. Seriously, Cocobot doesn't get near as much love as he deserves.

And secondly... *cracks up @ first line*

Coconuts says here he was banned to the "boondocks" and that he works as a "free lance bounty hunter". This leads me to believe that in the pre-production, Coconuts wasn't even at Robotnik's fortress at all. I'm VERY glad this isn't the case in the actual series, and not purely because I like him so much. Plus, I think changing banishment to sanitation detail is a great change, *snerk* possibly because the latter makes the former seem desirable. And pardon me for the awful pun, but as they say, shit rolls downhill.

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