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Page 20 - Q&A, part 1
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Added 6/6/2008
Ooookay, I don't know about you guys, but my eye immediately falls to the note about Robotnik in the last paragraph. This is when the SatAM influence REALLY starts to fuck around with things. Robotnik being a "credible" villain and not being directly involved in things unless it's serious business... Well, that's definitely not what we ended up with, and I say it's for the better. Perhaps it's silly of me to say that it makes him too much like SatAM Robotnik, considering that Sonic explained earlier that this was supposed to be a prequel, but... Come on. This doesn't actually work as a prequel by a long shot, and once you eliminate that tie, similar elements start to hurt each other. I'm EXTREMELY pleased that we got the Robotnik we did for AoSTH. He's distinct from every other incarnation, and as one of the animating directors noted on his website, he's "animation's sexiest fatman." Just look at those buttocks weaving sensuously.

But I digress. The other point I want to make is that having this darker, more serious tone to the villain in what's excrutiatingly pointed out to be a silly and Road Runner-esque cartoon just really doesn't work together. You can either go dark with silly highlights (a la SatAM) or silly with dark highlights (a la... ... something that does that), but not both of them sharing equal showtime. It just clashes really, really hard. Apparently someone figured that out and decided to boot the dark element, which I say improved the show immensely.

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