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Community Service
Source: Hanken
Layers: 1
No sketches available
Cel Number: ???
Standard size

No Background

Added 8/25/2008
Updated 6/9/2011
~Beta Awards Winner~

Whooooooa, getting this cel was friggin' epic. It was originally posted at $165, and I was having an anuerism over the fact that I couldn't afford it. I may not give a shit about any of the other characters in this, but COME ON, that's a pretty badass shot to have!

Anyway, since I was a repeat and consistant customer, the sellers were willing to knock off $35 from the price for me, which is admittedly very generous, but I still couldn't really afford it. It just so happened, however, that my mum had tagged along to MCCC with me and donated $50 to the cause. *SNIFFLE* IT WAS SO SWEET OF HER! Yes, I spent waaaay more on this than is normal for me, but this is also an extremely outside-of-normal-circumstances piece, sooo... Uh, at least I haven't bought any other cels since so far? n.n0

UPDATE: This cel has won a Beta Award! In the 2008 Beta Awards, this cel tied for 3rd place in the Hanken catagory! Thanks a lot to everyone that voted for me!!

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