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Don't call me Fucker
Source: TV
Layers: 1
Sketches: 1
Cel Number: C4
Standard size

Key Cel
No Background

Added 8/25/2008
Updated 2/27/2015
I adore this cel even though I don't know the SLIGHTEST thing about Power Stone. This cel was bought for me by the wonderful, delightful, darling, caring, snuggable and lickable Deebs~ <3 THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR FEEDING MY ADDICTION, YOU MAGNIFICENT STALLION.

If nothing else, I'm pretty sure there was a Power Stone game on the Dreamcast, so I may have to see if I can dig it up and check it out. From what Deebs told me, this char's name is Fokker, and we quickly degenerated into calling him "Fucker". Considering that she knows bollocks about cels, she managed to do a great job picking this one out (especially since it turned out to be a key cel).

Oh hell, just for shits and giggles, here's what Wikipedia has to say about the char:

"Edward Falcon (エドワード・フォッカ, Edowādo Fokka?), known as Fokker in the Japanese version, is the main character of Power Stone. Falcon is age 21, weighs 160 pounds, measures 5'11" and has a fighting style of boxing. He is the son of Pride Falcon, who is playable in Power Stone 2 after unlocking him. He is from Londo (a reference to London). When in Power Change, he is known as the Red Whirlwind. Falcon's Japanese name is a reference to the Fokker, the plane he is seen in. This was possibly removed in the English version because of the inappropriate puns that would follow. His Power Change is a similar hybrid to Iron Man."

...WELL. Deebs and I sure proved THAT one right.

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