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Rich Koslowski & some turd
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Added 2/24/2015
Updated 8/12/2015
Sooo back in 1998 I was in 7th grade and still deeply into my Sonic the Hedgehog comics. At the same time, the internet was just starting to become common, and mine was one of the lucky households to have internet access right away. Unsurprisingly, one of the things I did with this privilege was hang around the Archie Comics website to soak up more hedgehoggy goodness.

Because of this, I discovered that some people from the comic were going to be at a comic convention just a couple hours away from us. I begged my mom to take me, and thus I was off to my very first convention experience. One of the people I met there was none other than Ken Penders, a man that was mildly known at the time but would later go on to become infamous among Sonic fans. The other was Rich Koslowski, an inker that would later go on to other projects.

At the time, I was excited to meet Penders, and amazingly enough he wasn't near as bizarre and conceited as he is now, so it wasn't that bad of a discussion. He even gave me Sonic stuff for free, which would be pretty much unheard of nowadays. Given the path he's carved for himself in the last few years, I've repeatedly considered destroying this comic in various ways... But I can't do it, because I have too much respect for Koslowski. Not only did he not do anything to deserve such wrath, but I was an inker myself for a time, and I have a lot of respect for a fellow ink artist.

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