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James Rolfe (AVGN) #1
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Added 2/24/2015
Updated 11/15/2019
In 2010 I went through a purging period, and sold or gave away a lot of my possessions that I wasn't loving enough to keep around. This included various video game memorabilia, as well as a very unique gaming "virtual reality" helmet that a friend had given me when I was like 11. There was nothing VR about it, honestly; it was just a helmet that had a video screen in the front, and the Genesis ran its picture and sound to the helmet instead of the TV.

As much as I liked having it, both for the nostalgia and rarity, I knew I'd probably never use it again and it was taking up a lot of space to store. I was also a huge AVGN fan at the time, so I contacted Mike and James to see if they were interested in it. They gave me the shipping address, so I sent the helmet along with various other gaming items that I thought they'd like or that I didn't think I could sell. It ended up being a pretty extensive box, so I also included a checklist to be sure they didn't lose anything when tossing out the packaging.

Once it was shipped out, I figured that would be the end of the story; at most I thought maybe James would fulfill my Easter egg request (which was to have Sonic visible somewhere in the background of a future video or such), but I never expected him to contact me in return. IMAGINE MY SURPRISE, THEN, when this autographed print arrived in the mail later that summer! I thought it was extremely cool, because I'm pretty sure those prints usually have to be bought, and he sent me one for free to thank me.

What's even cooler is that he later did a James & Mike video reviewing the helmet I'd sent (which can be seen here), and he did in fact fulfill my Easter egg request~ The next video he posted was his second day at E3, and the icon for this vid features James standing next to a Sonic statue, which can be seen as the extra image for this entry. The icon on his site can be seen here.

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