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Proto-Sally stock
Source: TV
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Added 3/3/2015
Updated 11/16/2019
I am over the moon to have an actual stock piece of this early incarnation of Sally! It's hard to say if this particular drawing was made when she was electric pink or rose pink, since stock art doesn't have color, but honestly I don't care. This is actual stock art for an abandoned design, which was only used in an intro that never saw the light of day and the pilot episode.

ALL THE THANKS IN THE WORLD to my bestie Deebs!! This was an amazing holiday gift!!

(The following is the description for the official studio copy of this, which was previously a separate entry that I decided to combine with this one.

I was really thrilled to land this piece of art, because this is an especially rare color scheme for Sally. The only time these colors come into play is in issue #0 of Sonic's original mini-series of comics. This is one case where it's good to have a color copy, because they never colored the original drawings!

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