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Mario Marathon Team
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Added 3/5/2015
Signatures included: Brian Brinegar (aka Shirt Guy), Sundeep Rao (aka Orange Shirt Guy/OSG), Jedidiah Johnson (aka Afro-Tat Guy), Shanna Brinegar (aka Shannabad), Nate Jones (aka Shorts Guy), Ben Fowler (aka BenF), Ben Cotton (aka Mac Guy), and John Groth (aka JohnJanitor).

I've been a fan and supporter of Mario Marathon ever since its inception in 2008, and over the years I've gotten to know the team fairly well. In addition to my regular monetary donations, some years I participated in contests, others I donated prizes, and more recently I've written articles to help spread awareness.

Last summer, I failed in my efforts to procure a t-shirt, which until that point I'd managed to do almost every year. Imagine my subsequent surprise a couple months later when a package from the team turned up in my door, containing one of the defect t-shirts (or I'm assuming, since there seem to be a few printing errors) and this custom print postcard! I was extremely moved, and I'll cherish this kind gesture for years to come!

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