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SatAM Cast Promo Cel
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Added 12/31/2015
Updated 12/31/2015
Hoooooly shit, guys, this is something I never, EVER thought I'd end up owning. The only one I'd ever seen before is here, and I figured if I were to ever have a shot, it'd be because they were selling it and even then I probably wouldn't be able to afford it. I not only found this on eBay for a VERY reasonable price, but furthermore they allowed me to haggle it down with a Best Offer and I had a gift card for my birthday to further deaden the price. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME~

According to GokoutoSonic's gallery, this item is, "a rare Limited Edition cel from the SatAM Sonic the Hedgehog program. It was only given to employees at the Sega corporation in California. It's framed and has a plaque (not shown in photo) that reads: "Sonic" ABC Network Premiere Saturday. September 18, 1993 #1 Rated Among All Saturday Morning TV Programs - Sega." Sadly, mine isn't framed (although it did come with matting) and it doesn't have the plaque. Maybe some day I'll trip over one of those too, but until then, I'm very, VERY content with this! I really couldn't ask for anything better. It's just... spectacular.

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Curator: Leedzie
Gallery Created: 7/26/2005
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