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Robin Lord Taylor
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Added 12/31/2017
This was one of the coolest times I had getting an autograph. We turned up at the convention after lunch and were inside and roaming the floor around 1:00, and I immediately sought out his table, as this autograph was the entire reason I'd come at all. He wasn't there, but a staffer said he'd be back at 2:00, and noooobody was in line at the time. As someone that once waited for 5 hours to see Team Four Star, 45 minutes for Robin Lord Taylor was chump change, so I waited.

This was all incredibly worth it, because I quickly found that by being first in line, I also caught my celebrity of choice in a very chatty mood. To my surprise he was very interested to know more about where I was from, how far I'd traveled, and what I do for a living. He asked ME so many questions that I nearly forgot the things I'd wanted to say to HIM -- namely that my family refers to Penguin as "the real main character" on Gotham. He seemed especially tickled by that.

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