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Hbi2k - Farmer with Shotgun
Source: TV
Layers: 1
No sketches available
Standard size

No Background

Added 12/31/2017
I was especially chuffed with this card, particularly because it's so obscure. To this day I still can't fathom the fact that this character, who was in a single, 1-minute scene in the very first episode and then never referenced again, actually got a character card in the game Ani-Mayhem. Your guess as to why is as good as mine.

In any case, Team Four Star were all mystified at the fact that it even existed, and congratulated me on actually finding a card of this character, let alone a card that identified him by name*. It's not the first time the team has been impressed with my card selections, and the look on their faces when they see what else I've dug up is part of what keeps me coming back.

*Note: Not actually identified by name.

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