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Lanipator - Vegeta POP figure
Source: TV
Layers: 1
No sketches available
Standard size

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Added 12/31/2017
Apologies for the harsh lighting, as it was the only way to get the text to show up on-camera.

I bought this doll specifically to get it autographed, although I was worried it would be annoying for Lani to do so (as I've sensed I've annoyed him pretty much any time I've been around them). To my surprise, Lani seemed to think it was pretty cool, and didn't appear troubled at all taking the doll out of its case, signing it, and putting it back. I hadn't even meant for him to do the work, he just did it.

If you can't read it, there's a word balloon for Vegeta to say, "I AM THE HYPE!"

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