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KaiserNeko - King Vegeta
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Added 11/15/2019
Asking for this autograph was one of those amazing moments where I get to shock the TFS team. Kaiser couldn't believe that I even remembered he'd done King Vegeta (to which I say, how could I NOT, his King Vegeta is great), let alone found a card of him. I actually spent weeks looking for just the right card, and I definitely think this is it, because he looks pretty badass.

I had a really special moment with Kaiser at this particular convention, albeit not right at this particular moment. He'd said during a panel that he would hug anyone who wanted one, and afterward I went up to hug him. I used that opportunity to explain how much DBZA means to me because of how I essentially lost all my friends in high school due to being "too into" DBZ, since anime was still new and weird. I was explaining that I've been afraid to show that I like DBZ since then, and that DBZA makes me feel like it's safe to be a fan again. While I'm explaining this, Kaiser grabbed me and held me -- not just a "hey you're a fan" hug, but a real comforting, "I'm here for you" sort of hug, since I was trying not to cry at the time. When he eventually let me go, he was a little weepy too and told me he was so glad that they could make me feel safe again.

It was a really special moment and I'll always remember that.

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