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James Rolfe (AVGN) #2
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Added 11/15/2019
This is one of those autographs I'd been chasing for a long time. It's been difficult because he just really doesn't seem to go to that many conventions, but I did hear that he tended to go to Too Many Games, so I planned an entire trip to Pennsylvania specifically to go to this con specifically to meet James in person.

The main reason I wanted to do this so much was because he'd been so incredibly kind to me regarding an item I'd donated to the show. I had sent in the Victor Maxx Stuntmaster headset, and he's featured it in various ways since then, and even sent me an autograph in the mail at the time that I sent it (which can be seen here. He even threw in an easter egg that I'd asked for at the time (for Sonic to cameo somewhere, as he's my favorite game character) twice.

It was actually pretty difficult to even get near him at this convention, though. He didn't really spend much time at the AVGN table at all, and after panels he took off pretty much instantly and didn't linger to talk to anyone. In the end I only managed to talk to him briefly when I managed to get an autograph on the last day, but it only lasted a few seconds because the line was SO long and they were on a time crunch. I managed to spit out quickly that I was the one that sent the headset, and his eyes sparked and he said, "Oh yeah! Man, we had a lot of fun with that one!"

I think I also managed to toss in there that I'd picked this game for him to autograph because 1) it was one of my most-played NES games as a kid, and 2) it was coincidentally the first AVGN episodes I'd ever seen.

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