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Chris Sabat #1
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Added 11/15/2019
This was one of those instances where I dropped everything to go to a convention, because I NEEDED to have this encounter and get this autograph. As much as I fawn over Lani and the other guys at TFS, this guy is the -canon- Vegeta voice.

So some backstory, this is my favorite Vegeta trading card of all time, and I knew this HAD to be the one for an autograph with the genuine voice actor. When I got up to the table, he was absolutely enamored with the fact that I had brought this card specifically because it was so old. This was the original rare foil super cards of the DBZ CCG, and he commented that he "hadn't seen one of these in years!" I told him that I'd been saving it all this time, just in case I ever had the opportunity for an autograph. He was so chuffed at my dedication that he gave me two more signatures for free!

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