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Sally stock (season 1)
Source: TV
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Added 11/16/2019
I'm honestly in awe that this piece of Sonic history has made its way into my home. This is THE piece of Sally artwork that Sega really, truly embraced. There are a few other bits of Sally stock art that circulated in the early 90's, but this one is the one that was more or less the default -- and one of the ones I imprinted on as a little kid. My Sally-loving heart couldn't be happier that she's here in my collection!!

Well, I suppose there's ONE way I could be happier, haha. I know that the sketch of this one exists because I had bid on it at the same time as the season 2 stock sketch, but I ended up losing that auction. Maybe some day I can reunite these two once again!

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Curator: Leedzie
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