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DiC Remote Promo
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Added 12/30/2021
I genuinely can't believe I've come to own this cel, because its original price was WAY out of my price range, and I only kept it in my watch list more out of curiosity to see how long it would eventually take to sell (and to pine over it, of course). Imagine my surprise when one day the price dipped, and over time it went down... down.. down... until it actually got into my price range! I truly feel lucky to have been the one to snag it!!

So obviously Sonic is featured in the remote itself on one of the buttons, but I think we're also meant to assume it's Sonic's hand holding said remote too? Yeah the wrist is blue, but it looks like they blarms'd him on the button as well, so maybe the colorist just didn't know what's what. What I think is more interesting though is the fact that this is my third DiC promotional cel. Just how many of these things did they end up making, I wonder?? I will say though I'm highly amused that this one features a little sticker claiming that this cel is "NOT FOR RESALE," as though that would ever stop us collectors.

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