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Manic at the market
Source: TV
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Sketches: 4
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Added 12/31/2021
I bought this set for one reason, and one reason only: MANIC!!! He's been on my wishlist for SUCH a long time, and even though this isn't a cel, this is probably the best official artwork of him I'll ever get!

As can be seen in the second and third images, this set is actually very wide because it's a diagonal panning shot. The primary image is actually more than twice as wide as this, but I decided to focus on the most important part and scan that, rather than have a lower-quality image to include NPCs that are shopping for food. If only I had a larger scanner I'd include it all, though!

This layout set is from episode 409, "Last Resort." This is "plan 152," which I presume means the 152nd sequence in the episode. There are 4 pages in this set, and unfortunately the composition image from the front isn't included. Looks like the glue failed and it was lost long before this set ever made it to me!

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