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About Leedzie

Leedzie on Wordpress - My combination blog and portfolio, featuring my work in journalism and game design.
Leedzie on Tumblr - I always have an open tab to Tumblr and I check it several times a day, so this is one of the best ways to get a hold of me.
@Leedzie on Twitter - I usually have a tab to Twitter open, so this is also a good way to contact me.

Recommended Galleries

Like A Butterfly - The gallery of my good friend Abby, who has gifted me some really amazing Sonic art in the past.
The Wolfpack Gallery - Another collection with some lovely Sonic items.
GokoutoSonic's Cels - This gallery has some Sonic pieces that I would LOVE to have in my care. For now I must simply admire from afar.
JCaliff Cels - The most beautiful Detective Conan cels on RS, without question.
Bulma's Crystal Tokyo - Gallery of my friend Erica. Not huge, but has a lovely Detective Conan section.
Zag's Cels of Junk She Likes - The home of misfit cels, run by one of the sweetest ladies I've met in this hobby.
Klet's Island of Misfit Cels - The variety is extensive, but the Ranma art is my favorite.
Hoodies and Raindrops - My old friend Shampy's gallery, featuring an extensive collection of Naruto art and some beautiful Ranma pieces.
RalphVBoy's Cel Paradise - Home to quite a collection of Hunter x Hunter art.
Unicorn Gallery - A beautiful gallery of fantasy horses and pink dinosaurs.
wELCOME cONSUMER Cel Gallery - It's kind of refreshing to see a gallery with more Western art than Japanese, especially since some of the titles are intriguingly obscure.
Rheytarian's Anime Alcove - An impressive collection of Magic Knight Rayearth cels is the highlight of this gallery.
Fetish's Cel Gallery - A gallery that specializes in cels from adult animation, among other things.
A Purple Butterfly's Cels - Another gallery that's been quiet for a while, but still worth a glance.
Backlotanimation - Easily the biggest collection I've seen here, and home to some impressive obscurities.
LinaLon's Cel Gallery - Home to a very impressive Trigun section.
SME's Sailor Moon Gallery - Although much of the gallery has been cleared out, SME has always specialized in super-high end pieces. Definitely still worth a look.
Confused Moogle - One of the widest varieties of cels I've seen on this site, with both Japanese and Western cels on display.


Curator: Leedzie
Gallery Created: 7/26/2005
Hits: 44047

Presentation 8.58/10   Collection 8.60/10   Overall 8.67/10   Votes 29 votes
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