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Although these aren't necessarily production art themselves, I feel they still have enough to do with it to warrant being here. These autographs are from content creators, and most of them are on prints or other official products.

 Robin Lord Taylor

 Bill Boyd

 Chuck Huber - Garlic Jr.

 Chuck Huber - Android 17

 Chuck Huber - Hiei

 Chuck Huber - Hiei (figure)

 Chris Cason

 Chris Rager

 Mario Marathon Team

 John Barrowman - Print

 John Barrowman - DVD

 James Rolfe (AVGN)

 Sonny Strait - Foil Card

 Sonny Strait - Data Insert

 Sonny Strait - Drawing

 Sonny Strait - Shitajiki

 Sonny Strait - Card Wrapper

 Sonny Strait - Bandana

 Sonny Strait - Water Bottle

 Peter S. Beagle - Print 1

 Peter S. Beagle - Print 2

 Rich Koslowski & some turd

Curator: Leedzie
Gallery Created: 7/26/2005
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