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Series/Description    Sample    Priority
Detective Conan - Conan
Conan as Jimmy/Shinichi (his regular adult form) Very High
Using his bow-tie, stun gun wrist watch, or super sneakers. High
Looking annoyed and/or smirking. Medium
Detective Conan - Friends
Kaito Kid, any shot. Very High
Harley/Heiji with his hat off. High
Haibara where we can actually see her face. Medium
Detective Wilder/Takagi. Low
Detective Conan - Groups
Conan and Harley/Heiji. High
Conan and Rachel/Ran. Bonus points if Richard's there too. High
All of the Junior Detective League together (Conan, Amy/Ayumi, Mitch/Mitsuhiko, and George/Genta). Bonus points if Haibara is there too. Medium
Conan and Haibara. Medium
Dragon Ball Z
The Ginyu Force, either full group or just Jeice. Will Give Kidney
VEGETA, preferably in Freeza/Namek Saga armor. Will Give Kidney
Trunks' sword. Not Trunks himself, just his sword. It's an inside joke, don't ask. High
Piccolo, preferably with armor. Medium
Yamcha, any shot. Low
Other Series
POKEMON -- Team Rocket Will Give Kidney
SAILOR MOON -- Luna and/or Artemis. Medium
TENCHI MUYO! - Washu Medium
YU-GI-OH -- Bakura, Merik, or the Pharaoh. Medium
FUSHIGI YUGI -- Amiboshi Low
NARUTO -- Rock Lee, if possible before his haircut. Low
Ranma 1/2
Mousse sans glasses. Very High
Ryoga, any shot. Very High
Ranma shirtless. Medium
Rurouni Kenshin
Soujiro Seta, any shot. Will Give Kidney
Makoto Shishio, any shot. Very High
Kenshin, Kaoru, Sanosuke, and/or Yahiko. High
Sonic - Advertising
OAV, any shot (on the off-chance that art from this movie even still exists, of course) Will Give Kidney
Any art from a Sonic commercial. Very High
Sonic - AoStH - Heroes
This exact shot. Will Give Kidney
Sonic in drag. Medium
Sonic - AoStH - Villains
A group shot of the SSSSS Squad (Scratch, Grounder, and Coconuts) all together. High
Sonic - Archie Comic Pages
Any pages from StH #243 Will Give Kidney
Scourge, any page (preferably a large feature shot) Will Give Kidney
Sonic and Sally together. Will Give Kidney
Anything drawn by Ben Bates. Very High
Geoffrey St. John or Elias Acorn, any shot. Very High
Sonic Universe #15, page 12 (the page where Sally punches Fiona in the ovaries) High
Sonic - SatAM - Preproduction
ANY actual cels from the deleted intro sequence. Will Give Kidney
Princess Sally, any incarnation. Will Give Kidney
Concept art of Knothole Village. Very High
Any of the character layout sheets (studio copies acceptable) High
Sonic - SatAM - Production
Any shots of the central Freedom Fighters. Will Give Kidney
Princess Sally, in any way, shape, or form. Will Give Kidney
Any shot of Snively. Very High
Robotnik, especially with Cluck. Very High
Sonic with Tails in his backpack from the pilot. Very High
Sonic - Sonic X
Rouge, any shot. Will Give Kidney
Eggman, any shot. Very High
Shadow or Espio, any shot. Very High
Sonic and Tails together. High
The Chaotix all together. bonus points if Knuckles is also in the shot. High
Sonic - SU - Preproduction
Storyboards, any episode or scene. High
Sonic - SU - Production
Manic, any shot. Very High
Sonic, Manic, and Sonia together. High
Sonia or Queen Aleena. Medium
Sonic and/or Manic in drag. Medium
Yu Yu Hakusho
Young Genkai, any shot. Will Give Kidney
Adult Koenma, preferably with pacifier. Very High
Kurama or Hiei, any shot. High

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